Saturday, January 22, 2022

Senior Project Officer to support Aboriginal place naming in NSW


NSW is looking for someone to work in the Aboriginal place naming space. An exciting opportunity what with the United Nations Decade of Indigenous Languages upon us 2022 - 2032.

We’re HIRING! We’re looking for a Senior Project Officer to lead initiatives designed to support Aboriginal place naming in NSW. Place naming is identified as an effective way to reawaken Aboriginal languages, unlock past stories and preserve traditions. You will work closely with government agencies and the community to support Aboriginal language revival through place naming. By supporting the use of Aboriginal language in place naming we can reawaken the oldest languages in the world and strengthen NSW First Peoples’ connections with culture and identity. This role can be based at either of our offices – Bathurst or Sydney. Find out more: #AboriginalPlaceNaming #Aboriginallanguages #Languagerevival #Indigenouslanguages #PlaceNaming #GeographicalPlaceNaming #SurveyorGeneral #makeadifference

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