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Onomastic Highlights 2021

Just like last three years (20192018, 2020), I decided to sum up the most interesting onomastic highlights of the outgoing year. Fisrt, I've counted together all visits on my blog e-Onomastics and ICOS Website, all reactions on ICOS Facebook and all engagements on ICOS Twitter. Thereto, I've added comments and likes. Then, I divided all post into categories and made an overall rating.

Let's have a look how rich the "pandemic" year of 2021 was (within brackets you may see ranking points. They reflect the online impact, which the corresponding events got in social media) :

TOP 20 Onomastic Events

(10.930) 27th ICOS Congress (online/Poland)
  (3.846) SNSBI Spring Conference (virtual)
  (3.278) 22nd International and National Onomastic Conference in Rzeszów (Poland)
  (3.156) III Jornadas Antroponomásticas (Mexico)
  (1.506) Workshop „Anthroponyms as Divine Attributes” (France)
  (1.470) Конференция «Anthroponyms and Anthroponymic Researches in the Beginning of the 21st Century» (Bulgaria)
  (1.445) Conference "Jewish Onomastics in Morocco"
  (1.291) Форум «Русский язык и ономастика в поликультурном и образовательном пространстве Юга России и Северного Кавказа» (Russia)
  (1.246) Webinaire "L’onomastique de Béryte d’Alexandre à l’Islam" 
  (1.160) Семинар "Ономастика как отражение нашей истории и культуры" (Kazakhstan)
  (1.046) Lecture "On surname choices in families and their connection to family life and identity" (by Katrine Kehlet Bechsgaard)
  (1.037) Tagung “Werbende Namen”  (Germany)
     (913) 17th Nordic Congress of Onomastic Research (Finland)
     (873) 7th Panhellenic Conference of Onomastics (Greece)
     (832) 14th Annual Onomastic Meeting of the Valencian Language Academy / 48th Seminar of  Societat d’Onomastica (Spain)
     (800) Jornades Onomàstica Tortosa (Spain)
     (787) Online Seminar “Cognitive approach in onomastics”
     (593) XIX-ая Конференция "Ономастика Поволжья" (Russia)
     (457) Symposium "Nomen est omen. Die Bedeutung von Namen in südosteuropäischen Kulturen" (Germany)
     (365) 4th Annual Meeting of the Basque Onomastics Society (Spain)

TOP 8 Toponymic Events

(2.157) Centenary Conference of the Norwegian Place-Name Archive (Norway)
(1.938) Talk "The List of Historic Place Names - Four Years On!" (Wales, UK)
(1.526) Ulster Place Name Society Memorial Lecture (Northern Ireland, UK)
   (835) I Cicle de Conferències d'Onomàstica: Antroponímia i Toponímia (UIB, Spain)
   (780) 2nd Pan American International Symposium on Toponymy (Brasil)
   (644) Talk: "Gaelic Place Names of the Central Belt" (Scotland, UK)
   (379) 40th Annual Congress of The Place Names Society of India (India)
   (357) Lecture “Minor Place Names of Westmeath” (Ireland)


(949) Gwynedd O. Pierce is 100 years old (Wales)
(360) Emili Casanova is 65 years old (Valencia)    
(285) Studies in Honour of Vincent Blanár on the 100th Anniversary of His Birthday (Slovakia)
(132) Hans Walther, Mitbegründer der "Leipziger Namenforschung", wäre 100 Jahre alt gewesen (Germany)
(101) 100th anniversary of the birth of Yordan Zaimov
(36) Onomastica Lipsiensia, Band 14 „Namenforschung und Namenberatung“: Dietlind Kremer und Gabriele Rodríguez zum 60. Geburtstag (Germany)
(19) “Guardian” of Toponymy Anatol Eremia is 90 years old (Moldavia) 

Organisations and societies
(596)  60th anniversary of the Toponymy Expeditions Project (Russia)    
(555)  30 Years of The Project for the Study of Jewish Names (Israel)
(380)  Norwegian Place-name archive turns 100 years (Norway)
(130)  American Name Sosciety is 70 years old (USA)

TOP 18 Books and Proceedings

(2.031) Names and Naming Multicultural Aspects (eds. O.Felecan A.Bugheșiu)
(1.164) Ономастическая реконструкция: Поэтапное воссоздание истории рязанской топонимии и антропонимии (Юлиана Гордова)
(1.163) Place-Name Politics in Multilingual Areas (P.Jordan, P.Mácha, M.Balode, etc.)
   (708) 5-volumes "Қазақ ономастикасы" (Telgozha Zhanuzakov)
   (634) Proceedings of Names in the Economy 6 (eds. K.Leibring, L. Mattfolk, etc.)
   (624) Proceedings of “Anthroponyms and Anthroponymic Researches in the Beginning of 21st Century” (eds. A.Choleva-Dimitrova, M. Vlakhova-Angelova, etc.)
  (311) Histoire des noms de famille français. De leur formation à ... (Xavier Deniau)
  (278) The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names of Ireland (K. Muhr, L. Ó hAisibéil)
  (246) Toponyme Standortbestimmung und Perspektiven (eds.K.Dräger, R.Heuser, etc.)
  (180) Eigennamen und Übersetzung (eds. C.Sinner & Ch.Bahr)
  (170) Русский Север: лексика и ономастика (eds. E.Berezovich, N.Kabinina, etc.)

TOP 12 Journals

(1.148) Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics  Nr. 1     
   (975) Onoma Nr. 55 (2020, published 2021)
   (625) Noms Nr. 16 
   (542) Acta Onomastica Nr. 62 (1) 
   (525) Onoma Nr. 56 
   (522) Noms Nr. 15 
   (437) Acta Onomastica Nr. 62 (2) 
   (435) Vorposy onomastiki Vol. 18 (1) / Problems of Onomastics Nr. 18 (1) 
   (268) Annuari de la Societat d’Onomastica Nr. 7                       

Online Data and Media

(4.125) Video "The Hidden History of Placenames" by Dr Frances Kane     
(1.703) App Galicia Nomeada up to date
(1.650) ICOS Young Scholar Network’s Page      
(1.643) List of names-related periodicals on ICOS   
(1.490) Interactive map by Geographical Names Board of Canada      
   (711) List of periodicals by Greek Society of Onomastics
   (633) ICOS Lists of Key Onomastic Terms in 21 languages        
   (519) Dictionnaire des toponymes Québécois est en ligne      
   (440) List of Standardised Welsh Place-names   
   (110) NamSor App's New Website

What's New? 

(1.578) New ICOS Board of Directors
(1.049) New network Observatório onomástico (O-onoma) is 1 year old 
   (952) New UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Toponymy 
   (476) Journal of ANS moved to its new publication home, University of Pittsburgh 
   (434) Albert Turull i Rubinat appointed as Delagate of Culture in Lleida   
   (381) Henning-Kaufmann-Preisverleihung an Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Hengst
   (370) New full member of the Royal Galician Academy Ana Boullón  
   (169) New full member of the Royal Galician Academy Gonzalo Navaza   

Friends and colleagues we lost in 2021 (no ranking, chronological order)

Алексей Бурыкин (1954-2021) Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy 
Trajko Stamatoski (1925-2021) Head of the Macedonian Onomastic Department
Kwiryna Handke (1932 - 2021) Chair of Warsaw Urban Names Committee, Poland 
Joan Hugué Rovirosa (1938 - 2021) Guardian of Catalan toponymic heritage
Juli Moll Gómez de la Tia (1947-2021) Official Toponymic Nomenclature of Catalonia 
Margit Harsson (1943-2021) Department of Onomastics at University of Oslo, Norway
Edwin D. Lawson (1923-2021), Past President of American Name Society
Анна Михина (1939-2021) Донецкая ономастическая школа
Boris Parashkevov (1938-2021) St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Heinrich Tiefenbach (1944 - 2021) Group "NAMEN" at the University of Regensburg
Lynn Westney (1947-2021) Long-time ANS and CSSN member
Edgar Hoffmann (1957-2021) Vienna University of Economics and Business

Most expected events 2022

(999) 22nd Slovak Onomastic Conference 2022 in Trnava, Slovakia
(993) Tagung der GfN "Namen im Sprachgebrauch" 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria
(978) 28th ICOS Congress 2024 in Helsinki, Finland
(927) ANS Annual Meeting 2022 (ZOOM)
(850) Onomastica Letteratura 2022 (postponed from 2021)  
(730) XХ Международная конференция «Ономастика Поволжья» в Элисте
(409) 56th CSSN Annual Meeting 2022 (virtual)
(180) Colloque Onomastique Suisse 10 in Saint-Gall, Suisse

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